A Ship to cross the Sea of Suffering

"Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realise our goals, in our efforts to move forward." Daisaku Ikeda

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Another poem, hopefully you can bear with my erratic poem structures… Intuition What am I passionate about? What is it I can remember? What makes me different to the rest … Continue reading

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Even though we are friends, I feel pressure, Maybe it’s tension How do my feelings get lost in word? for no word comes to light only feeling… only action can … Continue reading

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You I saw your vulnerability today And I was lost in your real, I have so many feelings Yet a lack of words to describe What happens to me when … Continue reading

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Decide to be Healthy

Decide to be Healthy by Dr. Robert Muller   “Decide to be healthy.

 Pray to God every day for good health.

 Take health as your sacred, God given duty.

 Make … Continue reading

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An Autumn Leaf

Good Morning, Every morning, If I get time I like to get myself a cool beverage, and sit down to read what’s been happening online. Often it’s reviewing all my … Continue reading

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Reclaim I am a pacific queen A pacific goddess A pacific God A pacific Buddhist Something Anything   Born to these lands, These waters, these mountains Their lofty heights watching over … Continue reading

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Influence Influenced, Taking memories from the bank of life Cashing in on tales of strife I feel these things I feel it’s real The raw, that grates My nerves, churning … Continue reading

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I am

I am I am passionate about making a difference I am concerned about the safety of our world I want to inspire other people to create their own change I … Continue reading

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Change is the only constant

A wee spoken word I’d like to tweak one day… Change is the only constant We live in a world that is uncertain, like standing on sand that disappears beneath … Continue reading

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