A Ship to cross the Sea of Suffering

"Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realise our goals, in our efforts to move forward." Daisaku Ikeda

Finding Gratitude #7

So, I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble publishing things lately. I’ve been writing a lot of notes and poetry in my notebook but I have been caught up and unable to allocate any actual blog time.

Last night we had a young women’s division meeting, and as always I felt so good afterwards. I lead 45 minutes of chanting, and really thrive under longer chanting sessions. There is such a quality of energy to leading gongyo and daimoku, especially with my fellow young women’s members. We reflected on our determinations and challenges as November 18th is now only four days away. Some of us are transforming our work situations, are completing massive challenges with our studies! Passing exams that we dreamed were impossible. And being offered jobs in perfect alignment with our determinations! Reconnecting with our true selves as we gather momentum in the race for world wide kosen rufu. I will be eternally grateful for this practice!

I’ve been spending time with new friends, and dreaming of the future that I want for myself, with no limits. I’ve enrolled in a BA majoring in Education, Minor in English, with electives of Criminology and Anthropology, and Psychology. I will need to chant many hours of daimoku to ensure my special admission application is accepted! But taking the step to enroll was massive for me. I never completed High School when I was younger, and the foundation studies I did last year are not certified University Entrance, so I really hope that I have the opportunity to study here. I am already envisioning the day that I receive my academic certificate! I am so grateful to have so many education opportunities on offer!

I am so passionate about making a difference in the world, so in a way I am also very grateful for the many causes we can fight for! It gives depth and direction in our lives. In a way I feel that It begins to define us as human beings, based on what we choose to fight for and speak up against in life. x Shaping our character one cause at a time. I am looking forward to developing my skills in critical thinking and writing so that I can contribute to the vast amount of debate, and discussion surrounding some of the worlds most intricate challenges.



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