A Ship to cross the Sea of Suffering

"Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realise our goals, in our efforts to move forward." Daisaku Ikeda

YWD Training Course and other trails of Enlightenment


I have been so full and active lately, with Buddhist/SGI activities.

The weekend just gone, marking the first National Young Women’s training course that I have been to, in my time within the SGI.

I really had no idea, of what to expect but for the last few month have been busy working away as the Person in charge of Entertainment on the Saturday evening. My job being to send out a call for proposals/submissions. Then compiling our response into an hour long evening of entertainment items from all over NZ.

It was a great success to say the least! Lots of great feedback, and the main thing! Everyone enjoyed themselves. YAY. I was so overjoyed to have such a diverse list of performers and pieces on offer, and felt so proud of every single YWD member who participated. All I had to do was organise it, and have complete faith it would work out smoothly. And it did!

The heart of the SGI family is one that cannot be explained in words. IT is absolute bliss! The heart, commitment and energy given for the sake of Kosen-Rufu touches my spirit all the time. This training course was just the icing on top of a rather delicious cake!

We spent Saturday and Sunday as 160 YWD coming together to celebrate our victories, and redeterminations for the next half of the year. Forging ahead towards making our vows as Ikeda-Kayo-Kai. Continuing in the true spirit of mentor and disciple.

I feel so full of study and thoughts, hopes and dreams that I just need to take some time to write things down. Make sense of all that I am processing and remember to keep chanting with strong conviction so that I can build a strong stable foundation of faith. I must always give thought to how I am practicing each day, and implementing the precious words and guidance of Nichiren, and our three founding presidents.

I have been doing so good since training course, I even started a draft of my journey within Nichiren Buddhism so far. 6 pages later…. It is still sitting there as a draft. But it now has form. It is something I can work towards – a Story and experience to tell, in order to show the mystical workings of this philosophy of life. IT is not something I wish to rush or complete with haste.

As soon as I had finished that draft, I felt this terrible wave of anger, or frustration come over me and for the last few days intermittently I have been trying hard to keep chanting with Gohonzon to free myself from these chains of fear, doubt, anger and frustration that are determined to bring me to a lower life state. Isn’t it funny? Perhaps because I was sailing on enlightenment for too long, the obstacles and human revolution that is needed to continue to move from lower life states of anger and animality – I am striving for living at best with wisdom, courage, compassion and a state of buddhahood that can perceive each situation for what it truly is. Tackling obstacles with joy, instead of frustration of the feelings that arise. I have had to question myself, as to why I have been feeling anger and sadness towards my partner. Why do I let these things get to me when they really are just trivial? I must not send these ill thoughts and feelings towards anyone! 😦 I am determined to change into someone of great patience and perseverance.

3000 realms in a single moment of life. Humanity is truly wonderful! but never easy to live in ways that uphold beliefs and values of Buddhism. The only way to keep fighting and to keep re-determining to win each day is through chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. Chanting is easy – to start this practice is easy but to continue it day in, day out morning and night is  the hardest challenge of all! To continue my faith in the mystic law without any ounce of a begrudging spirit.

I must remember to keep my mind focussed, and not let it stray to negative thinking.

These are only distractions that stop me from reaching my highest potential.

Kia Kaha my friends, let’s keep going together.


Striving for world peace one step, one conversation, one day at a time.


Many in Body, One in Mind









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