A Ship to cross the Sea of Suffering

"Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realise our goals, in our efforts to move forward." Daisaku Ikeda

Retrograde transformations

I have been so slack in the blogging front, but not slack in the self and spiritual development. So there are a few things I wanted to share with you, as the week has progressed.

Not sure where to start, could always talk about some of the shifts in my own personal relationship of which Mercury in retrograde is famous for – But I feel that focussing on my health is a better start. All things stem from the self after all..

It’s been just over a week and a half now since I’ve been taking the Sillica homeopathic remedy. No major shifts noticed yet – no swelling in the affected area. A few twinges here and there but nothing that has been of major concern. Just yesterday I noticed my belly button was a bit red and itchy. Sore and achy. I’ve had this before – generally at the same time the pilonidal was surfacing. So a little strange yes. I will monitor it over the next few days and if It get worse I will be sure to see a doctor. The pain is just so weird… and I get a bit scared that I have internal ailments going on. That’s quite possible… but there has been so much shifting in my karma and personal development that It’s a given that this may surface too. I have been really working through some of my sexual abuse stuff in the last week. My first major panic attack….in years was hard to go through but worthwhile, because I really unpacked a lot of my trauma. It’s still there, but the implications of the abuse are rearing their ugly heads…  It is OK. I am OK… and at the end of the day none of that was my fault. I stand strong in myself, knowing that I am moving forward at a pace I never thought possible. My consciousness growing everyday.

Relationship sector is shifting in major ways. No break down, nothing bad… hard stuff to deal with – but our talking and personal awareness is helping us navigate through the next wee phase of our life together. It is so important in this time to not take things personally, and just hold each others hand, and walk slowly and carefully through this turning point.  Gathering ourselves, so that we have broken old habits… and creating new to accommodate for the consciousness shift. It’s odd to be at a point where nothing is certain. But beautiful to relax into this way of being. Relaxing into ourselves…

I have been learning a lot about myself. Especially in regards to what I put onto people, how I operate when I am working through heavy things.

I am doing my best to just be at one with myself. To reserve myself, and not put any needs or wants onto any other being at this point. I must learn to, sit with how I feel – Not to clamber onto someone else’s’ shoulder uninvited. Easier said than done. We never like sharing our woes over and over again… there are professionals in my life I must utilise if something just won’t fit in my own chest.

I must learn to be invited. I must sit back, and continue walking – for those who drink and fill the container I hold will come to me. We will naturally encounter each other when the time is right. Perhaps coming back to the present moment… with deep gratitude for what it is… letting go of preconceived ideas… or hopes.  Disappointment is something I truly wish to live without.

As a wrap up, here is some information regarding the Mercury in Retrograde transformations happening from now until July 20th.  xx

“MID-WEEK ENERGIES: There is a lot of change happening right now. Most of us are busy attending to details with verbal communication. Can you feel it? Strive to be as clear as possible to not hold back. We each need to let one another know where we stand, so the clarity and our personal truth can be expressed. Here’s the important part…

Try not to take anything PERSONALLY. Remember when we express our feelings and view point, we are doing so from OUR perspective. And that is 100% correct for us from our life’s vantage point. So by arguing with someone if you do not agree with their perspective of you, is pointless. Because they are right and you are right too. You are both right from each of your perspectives. Understand? Let it go. 

This realisation will help you ‘hugely’ and free you up to get on with more important matters, as we are nearly half-way through the Mercury Retrograde, and lots of relationships and conversations are under scrutiny and up for review xxx
#MercuryRetrograde #truth”




Peace x


One comment on “Retrograde transformations

  1. Cathie
    July 3, 2013

    So challenging waiting for the invitation…but so worth it…I invite you to sit on my should any time ❤

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