A Ship to cross the Sea of Suffering

"Real happiness is found in the struggles we undergo to realise our goals, in our efforts to move forward." Daisaku Ikeda

10 Day Challenge Day#7

Welcome to day SEVEN of my 10 day challenge. Today’s theme is looking at:

Four turn offs:


1 – I know this is a pedantic one… and maybe I should have left it for further down the list but: hearing people chew loudly is one of my biggest pet peeves. I truly cannot stand when people are eating food, and take no attention to how loud their lips are smacking… No attention to making sure that their mouths stay shut 90% of the time chewing mindfully, in direct contrast to the mouth gaping wide as crumbs fall out the side approach. It might sound funny, or the smallest thing to intensely dislike, but as a child I was heavily conditioned into regarding table manners. You certainly must finish chewing that piece of food and have cleared your teeth, before speaking. Argh thinking about it just makes me squirm…why can’t my ears be selective in hearing these sounds. It never works, trust me. Once I become aware of that horrible sound it just amplifies. And I do everything in my power to escape this awkward human necessity.

2 – To spit or not to spit? That is the question. If you are trying to keep me turned on… then to NOT spit becomes the solution. I think Kleenex designed the tissue for a reason – Hence it comes into good use when in need of discharging your throat, nostrils or combination of the two…please use this amazing product.

I absolutely cannot stand the feeling I get, when I hear someone sucking up the phlegm in his or her throats and nasal passages in order to … just swallow it? WTF!! Or hold it there, until they can safely spit it out! EWWWW.  If you feel this coming on – please like any other considerate person out there go to the bathroom. You can sneeze, and blow your nose, cough up a loogie however you want – In private. Now doesn’t that sound more alluring than subjecting your immediate environment to the sickening sound of phlegm reaching the surface?  As you are beginning to find out – basic hygiene really has shaped me  – But at times I wonder where others have been schooled. Wow look at me being judgmental!

3 – Ok so if you chew considerately, and don’t spit or voluntarily drag up phlegm in front of me then we are on a roll. Third thing is: time management.  I absolutely hate to be kept waiting. A grace period of 5-10 minutes – obviously dependent on the situation or individual is usually all my patience allows for. If there is good communication throughout this process, no worries.  Again I sound pedantic, but if you really want to impress me time management will be something that you closely value.

I love people who have a million things on, but that can still manage their time effectively. Time is money in this day and age, but also time is a language of love I dearly treasure.  So turn off; being late, not balancing or managing time well; including time to spend with me. Lastly, making time to spend with me – only to find out that you have double booked yourself. Yeah, that truly makes a girl feel valued. Please don’t do it.

4 – Last but not least – and an emerging theme here. Communication.

I take pride in being very self-aware. I don’t hold that expectation against everyone, but do expect good communication. If you have talking issues, or a hard time expressing how you feel – We may lock heads. I don’t enjoy being the counselor or facilitator in close relationships all the time! If there are things in your life you don’t want to talk about, but are aware of them – That’s fine. But if you cannot string an intellectual sentence together underlining thoughts, feelings, emotions, or critical thinking… then we may be at a loss together. Sorry about it.


Ooh K That wraps up Day#Seven! This particular entry really made me feel a bit picky and pedantic YUCK– So I look forward to underlining the four TURN ON’s arriving in your reader tomorrow.

It is hard to highlight the things you dislike, but a good practice at acknowledging the things you want and need in your life – and the things you could do without.

How’s your 10 day challenge coming along?




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