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10 Day Challenge! Day 2

10 Day Blog Challenge Day 2


Nine Things about myself:


1 – I left high school when I was 16 years old. Having not finished my first year exams; I left high school without any qualifications or direction. The family break down when I came out about my stepfather’s abuse saw me leave school and get involved with the wrong crowd.

2 – After leaving school I left home and lived with circus entertainers. I taught myself how to spin fire poi, and fire staff. Embarking on the next three years as a performer in a fire and UV company that I helped set up. This was my job and excuse to get out of bed until I met my current partner and began volunteering at a fair trade shop.

3 – I am a bit of a geek/nerd when it comes to computers and the Internet. I have a soft spot for competitive gaming and really enjoy this hobby because I feel that it’s my duty to represent queer female gamers in such a largely male dominated and homophobic industry. It’s no secret that I love to beat males in this arena. I think females are just as good, if not better at managing their game play.

4 – I was run over by a car when I was 8 years old. I escaped with minor bruising and scratches! Quite a miracle that there was no other damage, as I stepped out from behind a fence after visiting a friend; the car in question was driving down the step driveway we lived on at the time and I just walked straight out, and under the car I went.  It all happened so fast. I had tyre track marks on my T-shirt just shy of my rib cage…so my escape truly was a miracle. The event was so traumatizing to the drivers of the vehicle, they moved out not even a fortnight later.

5 – I have a fetish for armchairs. Especially old-fashioned vintage ones, or the high back armchairs made of leather. Although a bit cold, the elegance really gets me. I imagine all sorts of scenarios when perched in the armchair. Memories of my past come back, as I sat in a friends chair every week, puffing on my pipe. The power within me is escalated when I can sit back and ponder and let’s be honest; I always dream of women flocking to my side in this power position.  Although power over is never my intention…Let me make that clear.

6 – I am addicted to Red Bull. A weakness indeed – I do not drink coffee or any other caffeinated substance, so Red Bull acts as my vice. I often find myself excited when I see the red bull cars whizzing past! But even more so I fantasize about becoming a gamer for the Red Bull Electronic sports team! One day their sponsorship team will recognize my crew and me.

7 – I have a large tattoo on my right calf. In New Zealand the traditional tattooing of Maori is called Ta Moko. I was gifted this Piece over a two year period, which represents the transition from my past and into a future of transformation and growth. It also signifies the time of year that I was born, known as Matariki Or Winter Solstice. For Maori it is the marking of their New Year, and time for planting winter crops. Matariki is symbolized in the sky through a star constellation called the Seven Sisters only visible in the sky at that time of year within NZ. My ankle piece is representative of all seven sisters.

8 – I am an only child to my Mother and Father. I grew up as an only child, but my Father had three other children in his previous marriage. I never spent time with them when I was little, as the complexities of the family were too big. When I turned 18 I started making contact and efforts to get to know my other siblings who share the same Dad. I am the black sheep of our family. I’m the only one who fights for Dad. The rest kinda pick on him for never being there…But he was always there for me. So I cannot even relate to my siblings – Who might I add are much older than I; my sister Kim is 40 with three children and a husband. Teresa is in her mid 30’s and works over seas as a missionary – no children or husband. Carl my brother is mid 30’s with two children and a wife. I only have semi good relationships with my sisters. My brother doesn’t talk to me. He is very mentally unwell.

9 – Something quirky! 9 things is quite a limiting process! I have voyeuristic tendencies?  That may not be something you wanted to know! But I do. Genderqueer folk are an interesting bunch. I love sexual tension. I prefer being able to control myself and draw out the intensity of sexual situations. In fact, call me crazy but I generally prefer this to the release!


Well there you have it, Day 2 down! Nine things I didn’t know I was going to write about. And nine things you now know about me!

Stay tuned for tomorrows segment, where I describe

Eight ways to win my heart! 

3 comments on “10 Day Challenge! Day 2

  1. Samira Aveline
    June 1, 2013

    I missed this one and had to come back before I read day 3. 🙂

    These are fun. What a great exercise for you and an interesting way for me to get to know a bit more about you. *s*

    • One-in-Mind
      June 1, 2013

      Thank you for reading! I encourage anyone to do this, it’s quite an awesome exercise to getting to know yourself, and asserting those things. xx

      Many thanks for your support. xx

  2. Joycelyn
    June 2, 2013

    Number 7 was interesting 🙂

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